Vibrant Lighting with 2.5 Year ROI

IceTown LA Kings

The Opportunity

The LA Kings IceTown sports facility turned to Global Energy & Lighting to design a solution for better indoor lighting and a cost savings solution that would lead to a quick ROI.

The Solution

Global Energy & Lighting exceeded LA Kings IceTown’s expectations by designing and delivering an LED upgrade that not only improved the quantity and quality of lighting, it allowed the hockey facility to reduce their energy consumption by 61.26 percent while maintenance costs were virtually eliminated.

The upgrade from the arena’s current 6-Lamp T5 Fluorescent HighBay fixtures to Global’s own industry-leading LED lighting included: Blaze High Bay, Wallpack, Linear Light, and Panel Light fixtures. More importantly, the upgrade provided double the light output, more accurate proper white light and elimination of their high lighting maintenance costs.

Ice Town Savings Summary
Ice Town LED Upgrade

The Benefits

Global provided turn-key solutions, including installation, that resulted in a short 2.5 year ROI enabling the LA Kings IceTown to recap the financial benefits while their customers enjoy a brighter more vibrant experience.

It is also important to note that LED lighting can restart instantly if there is a power interruption, while other lamp fixtures may require up to 30 minutes to cool down and restart.

LA Kings IceTown’s lighting system operates for 6,550 hours each year. With a typical lamp service life of 10,000 hours this system can only operate for roughly one and a half years before a replacement is needed. Global Energy & Lighting fixtures last for a minimum of 50,000 hours, more than 10-years of typical use, and many of them last much longer. They maintain their color uniformity throughout their service life, delivering consistent bright, white light.

Additionally, all of Global’s fixtures are UL & DLC Listed, which means their performance is validated by rigorous laboratory tests. These certifications also qualify them for the vast selection of utility rebates available throughout the United States.

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