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What is Global Link™?

The GlobalLink™, powered by ZigBee wireless, system enables powerful control of the lighting environment. We’ve developed our proprietary software platform to function on any computer, tablet or phone to control one or groups of fixtures. The purpose of the software is to ease the management of your lighting system, allowing you to access to fixture […]


How does ZigBee Motion Sensors work?

Motion sensors can be programmed to control just one or a combination of fixtures. In the example below, both motion sensors are programmed to turn on the entire aisle of high bay lights if either of the sensors detect motion. This feature is available with: Blaze High Bay, Blaze Aisle Light, and High Bay Panel.


What is Daylight Harvesting?

Our fixtures with daylight harvest capability intelligently manage illumination by utilizing ambient light present in a space. Automatically dimming during sunny times of the day and brightening when it becomes cloudy or when the set sets saves costs and maintenance. These fixtures can also be set to function on a timer as well.


What is a Photocell?

The Photocell Control option keeps your energy bill down by activating and deactivating the fixture accordingto the ambient light present in its surroundings. In simpler terms, when the Photocell senses the sun has risen in the morning, the illumination turns off. When the sun sets, the Photocell turns the fixture back on.


What are engineered design services?

Our expert designers and engineers will visualize, organize and simulate lighting designs and layouts for single rooms, whole floors, buildings and outdoor areas.This is an optional service that can precede a facility upgrade or simply done as a preliminary decision making tool.A variety of software tools are used including DIALux for most interior simulations and […]


What are beam angles?

The variety of beam angles available with Global fixtures insures the most efficient use of light in each application. Lights with smaller beam angles are most suitable for applications such as aisle lighting while those with  wide beam angles are often used to light more open spaces such as warehouse storage areas.


What are distribution types?

Type II-S This asymmetric optical design is well suited for applications such as bike paths and sidewalks. Type II This asymmetric optical design is well suited for applications such as city streets and bike paths. Type III This asymmetric optical design is well suited for applications such as highways and city streets. Type IV This […]


What are color temperatures?

The color temperature a light produces has a significant impact on the type of environment created.  Lower color temperatures represent a softer, warmer light.  Higher color temperatures represent brighter, cooler light.


What is efficacy?

The efficacy of a fixture can be determined when the lumen output is divided by the system power.  For example, if a fixture boasts 5000 lumens and has a wattage of 50, the efficacy would be 100 lumens per watt.  Our fixtures are industry leaders in efficacy, which can be as high as 170 lumens […]


What are IP Ratings?

Ingress Protection Markings, also known as IP Ratings, classifies and rates the degree of protection provided against intrusion (body parts such as hands and fingers), dust, accidental contact, and water by mechanical casings and electrical enclosures. The numbers that follow IP each have a specific meaning. The first indicates the degree of protection (of people) […]


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