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What are IP Ratings?

Ingress Protection Markings, also known as IP Ratings, classifies and rates the degree of protection provided against intrusion (body parts such as hands and fingers), dust, accidental contact, and water by mechanical casings and electrical enclosures. The numbers that follow IP each have a specific meaning. The first indicates the degree of protection (of people) […]


What is heat sink technology?

The small size of the LED’s means they can be clustered together and provide a brighter light, however, this creates more heat. From a thermal perspective, LED lighting is only 30% more efficient than other forms of lighting, which creates some challenges. We took this into account during the thoughtful design of our fixtures, which […]


What are your product certifications?

  The DesignLights Consortium® (DLC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to accelerating the widespread adoption of high–performing commercial lighting solutions. The DLC promotes high–quality, energy–efficient lighting products in collaboration with utilities and energy efficiency program members, manufacturers, lighting designers, and federal, state, and local entities. Through these partnerships, the DLC establishes product quality specifications, facilitates […]