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What is an energy audit?

Our dedicated project managers come on-site to conduct a comprehensive facility audit and ascertain the energy usage from existing lighting. Then without waiting for a trip back to the office, they’ll be able to show you a customized solution on how Global Energy & Lighting products and services can lower your energy cost. LEARN MORE […]


What are the warranties offered?

All of our products come with a standard five-year limited warranty that covers product defects and malfunctions.  There are others that come with a 10 year unlimited warranty.


How do you process rebates?

Any product that is DLC or EnergyStar certified is eligible for rebates either through your local utility company or through the federal government.  Depending on these variables, we help you by processing the proper paperwork through the correct municipality to process a direct rebate.  Often through a local governing body or utility company our customers […]