TRD Series Troffer Retrofit


  • Up to 80% energy reduction
  • Indoor fluorescent troffer retrofit
  • Various wattages to fit any application
  • Direct/Indirect volumetric fixture ensures a glare-free environment
  • Highly efficient linear prismatic frosted lens provides diffused volumetric illumination
  • Angular side-panel reflectors provide a secondary wide beam of indirect illumination
5-year warranty
linear light

Optical Performance
Lumen Output: 3,059 – 5,460
CCT: 3500K, 4000K, 5000K
Fixture Efficacy: Up to 134 Lm /W

Electrical Specifications
Wattages: 23 – 42 Watts
Power Input: AC 100–277 Volts

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TRD Series Troffer Retrofit Applications

  • Retail & Grocery Stores
  • Offices
  • Hospitals
  • Banks
  • Brick & Mortar

Product Overview

The TRD troffer fixture retrofit is a high quality LED luminaire that provides evenly distributed volumetric light to any interior space eliminating surface shadows and ensuring a glare-free environment.  It is an industry leading retrofit solution that completely assembles within an existing fluorescent troffer frame and typically takes less than 15 minutes to install. Compatible with most standard existing troffers and T-bar grids, the TRD offers the highest return on initial investment over the life time of the fixture.


SKU Power Size Max Efficacy Lumen Output CCT IP Rating PDF Download
TRD 23W 23 Watts 2ft x 2ft 131 Lm/W 3,059 Lumens 35K / 40K / 50K IP20 23W SPEC
TRD 23W 23 Watts 2ft x 4ft 131 Lm/W 3,059 Lumens 35K / 40K / 50K IP20 23W SPEC
TRD 26W 26 Watts 1ft x 4ft 126 Lm/W 3,276 Lumens 35K / 40K / 50K IP20 26W SPEC
TRD 33W 33 Watts 2ft x 2ft 132 Lm/W 4,356 Lumens 35K / 40K / 50K IP20 33W SPEC
TRD 33W 33 Watts 2ft x 4ft 132 Lm/W 4,356 Lumens 35K / 40K / 50K IP20 33W SPEC
TRD 36W 36 Watts 2ft x 4ft 134 Lm/W 4,854 Lumens 35K / 40K / 50K IP20 36W SPEC
TRD 42W 42 Watts 2ft x 4ft 130 Lm/W 5,460 Lumens 35K / 40K / 50K IP20 42W SPEC

Quick Installation

The TRD troffer retrofit door is completely assembled within the frame of the existing fluorescent fixture.

Easily replace old, inefficient fluorescent technology with this simple door-style retrofit which can install is less than 15 minutes.

Reduce your install time and increase your energy savings with GEL’s industry leading LED troffer retrofit.

Intelligent Controls

Continuous dimming is available by utilizing the 0-10v interface on the driver.  Two intelligent control options are available which when ordered come pre-installed in the fixture.

A tri-level motion-sensor optionally dims the light output after a set period of there being no motion and then optionally turns off the light after another set period of no motion. This device is programmed using switches on the interior of the fixture or by using an optional remote control.

A daylight harvesting controller, with the daylight sensor mounted in an adjacent ceiling tile, maintains a pre-set light level, dimming the light output as supplemental light from the sun fills the room.

Either option provides flexibility and full control to achieve maximum energy efficiency and decrease utility costs.

Motion sensor Daylight sensor Remote control

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