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GLEDSL Strip Light Applications

  • Wastewater Treatment Plants
  • Salt Mines
  • Paper Production
  • Industrial Wash Pit

Product Overview

The GLEDSL strip light series are waterproof led light strips luminaire that delivers up to 142 lumens per watt providing industry leading performance. Designed in a slim architectural form factor, the SL series offers from 2840 up to 8970 lumens with color temperatures of 3K, 4K, 5K, or 6K, and 1-10V dimming, giving maximum design flexibility. With > 80 CRI, the SL series delivers dynamic illumination with exceptional color consistency and color rendering. The compact and aesthetically pleasing form factor is a fresh approach compared to traditional fluorescent strip and wrap fixtures. The SL series enables a 50% energy savings over fluorescent technology and nearly eliminates costly maintenance expenses.


SKU Power Max Efficacy Lumen Output CCT CRI IP Rating PDF Download
GLEDSL 20W 20 Watts 142 Lm/W 2,840 Lumens 30K / 40K / 50K >80 Ra IP65
GLEDSL 30W 30 Watts 142 Lm/W 4,260 Lumens 30K / 40K / 50K >80 Ra IP65
GLEDSL 40W 40 Watts 142 Lm/W 5,680 Lumens 30K / 40K / 50K >80 Ra IP65
GLEDSL 50W 50 Watts 142 Lm/W 7,100Lumens 30K / 40K / 50K >80 Ra IP65
GLEDSL 65W 65 Watts 142 Lm/W 8,970 Lumens 30K / 40K / 50K >80 Ra IP65

Harsh Environment. Any Exposure.

IP65 Rating

The Strip Light features waterproof design, with a corrosion resistant body thatmakes it perfect for applications where chemicals are present. The Strip Light is a great option for applications like car washes, mines, and industrial wash plants.

Fully Integrated Motion Sensor

An integrated motion sensor comes programmed to turn on to full bright when motion is detected. After 10 minutes of no motion the fixture will dim to 35% and hold for an additional ten minutes before shutting down completely

Innovative Design

An end-cap for the final fixture in a linkable arrangement ensures a weatherproof system. The universal top rail enables multiple mounting options.

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