Strip Light Retrofit

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GLEDSR Strip Light Retrofit Applications

  • Retail & Grocery Stores
  • Offices
  • Hospitals
  • Banks
  • Brick & Mortar

Product Overview

With a universal design fit the Strip Light Retrofit offers quick and easy installation with significant energy savings. Ideal for replacing fluorescent lights, this retrofit kit offers a range of lumens and color temperatures perfect for office spaces, education facilities, hospitals, and retail stores.


SKU Power Size Max Efficacy Lumen Output CCT IP Rating PDF Download
GLEDSR 23W 23 Watts 4ft 131 Lm/W 3,013 Lumens 35K / 40K / 50K IP20
GLEDSR 32W 32 Watts 4ft 133 Lm/W 4,256 Lumens 35K / 40K / 50K IP20
GLEDSR 35W 35 Watts 4ft 134 Lm/W 4,960 Lumens 35K / 40K / 50K IP20
GLEDSR 46W 46 Watts 8ft 131 Lm/W 6,026 Lumens 35K / 40K / 50K IP20
GLEDSR 65W 65 Watts 8ft 132 Lm/W 8,580 Lumens 35K / 40K / 50K IP20

Quick Installation

The GLEDSR retrofit kit is the ideal retrofit solution for fluorescent lamp replacement. It eliminates the need to replace existing housing.

Simply install the fixture into current frame by removing the lamps and ballast. Then slip the brackets into the frame and install with screws.

Reduce your install time and energy costs with this industry leading LED luminaire.

Intelligent Controls

Continuous dimming is available with two optional motion sensor controls.

A convenient remote programmer that allows setting adjustments with a touch of a button or a dip switch located directly on the fixture that can be set to adjust dimming levels.

Either option provides flexibility and full control to achieve maximum energy efficiency and decrease utility costs.

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