Implementing a lighting retrofit project by yourself is expensive and time-consuming.

Global Energy & Lighting manages the whole process to eliminate the cost and time losses you experience when trying to go it alone.

Eliminate product cost, contractor fees, and installation costs that delay ROI.
Eliminate time dealing with production times, contractor hiring, project management, and maintenance.

We’re investing $250 million dollars

We invest both the resources and capital in changing your old inefficient lighting to Global’s top-quality LED lighting solutions. The resulting energy savings are then shared to add positive flow to your balance sheet.

What is Shared Energy Savings?

We provide the up-front capital investment for industry-leading LED lighting systems. We then monetize the future value of your energy savings to creating an immediate return on investment for your organization. The savings are shared with you and we provide no-cost maintenance on the installed product during the term of the agreement.

The greatest barrier to improving energy efficiency and implementing lighting projects is the high capital costs required upfront. Shared Energy Savings enables our customers to be cash flow positive from day one without any money out of pocket or incurring any debt.

Why should we choose this program?

Our pioneering shared energy savings platform is off-balance sheet and is treated as an operating expense. The program also lowers operation and maintenance costs significantly and does not affect any existing mortgages or debt. Any financial challenge gets removed, whether it be a government that prohibits entering into projects that incur debt or a private entity that simply has a more lucrative use of their funds.

Who qualifies for this program?

We are able to fund retrofit projects starting at $30,000 and up to $25 million for larger projects.

Savings Example

Actual customer data

Fixture Annual kwH 111,339 37,011 74,328
Annual Energy Costs $13,360.75 $4,441.32 $8,919.43
Total Savings over 10 years $1,033,120

G​lobal Energy & Lighting ​provides end-to-end energy management with an emphasis on lighting. We help your company reduce energy waste, meet regulatory requirements and achieve sustainability goals. To do this we conduct lighting energy audits, install new energy-efficient ​lighting solutions ​a​nd provide innovative funding & financing options.

We eliminate the typical financial barriers by investing in your project. Global provides the up-front capital and monetizes the future value of your utility savings, which is then shared with you over the term of the agreement.

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