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Energy Service Delivered

Global Energy & Lighting is an organization focused on providing commercial, municipal and industrial clients with comprehensive, value-added energy solutions in the Americas, MENA, and ASEAN regions. As a vertically-integrated manufacturer, our clientele save more money and enjoy the benefits of a streamlined process when implementing energy-efficient projects.

Key Sustainability Service

  • Energy survey
  • Design & engineering
  • LED luminaire manufacturing
  • Customized product design
  • New construction
  • Direct-to-end-user product supply
  • Installation
  • Long-term management
  • Capital-free options
  • Incentive administration


Energy Survey

We mobilize resources on site to perform a comprehensive digital assessment of the current conditions of the lighting and operations needed form benchmarking and analysis.

LED Manufacturing & Customized Product Design

State of the art ISO certified manufacturing facilities. Global’s custom manufacturing helps customers conquer integration challenges from legacy lighting products.

Design Engineering

Utilizing the information gathered from assessment, we perform an analysis to determine best solutions for each application. Through product selection and photometric design, we engineer a customized solution that meets the specific needs of client and environment.

Long-term Management

We offer proactive, long-term comprehensive labot & materials maintenance services included on each of our SAS or PPP installations. This ensures that we are manufacturing high-quality products that we are willing to assume complete responsibility and liability.


Our project manager will oversea a team of electricians to execute the installation of the specified lighting and/or controls.

Direct Product Supply

We have a national and international partner network that enables us to deliver more value to our end user clientele.

Incentive Administration

We will work with and facilitate all documents and/or inspections necessary with the relevant utility or government entities to maximize and capture available incentives.

Capital-free Options

We offer capital-free options that offer immediate positive cash flow or eliminate risk. This allows our clients to preserve or allocate capital for alternative purposes.



Big box, supermarket, malls, showroom, restaurant


Hospital, surgical center, doctor’s office, urgent care


Warehouse, distribution, manufacturing, refrigeration

Oil & Gas

Refinery, platform, petrol station


Educational, military, civil, religion


State or federal government

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