LED Lights VS CFL: Which Option To Choose

Not so long ago, lamps used to release a lot of heat and were quite pricey. Now it is a matter of the past. No need to endlessly replace lamps or pay huge energy bills. Now you have a choice between LED and CFL lamps. While they are both energy-efficient options, still they have their pros and cons.

Let’s consider the factors that could influence your buying choice:


Unlike traditional lamps, both LEDs and CFL lamps last longer. Still, LEDs have longer span of life and can serve up to 10 years. It means they last up to 5 times longer than CFLs. This is the primary reason we recommend opting for LEDs, in case the lamp is supposed to serve for a long time.


LED’s are the winner in this too. These lamps will withstand any harsh weather conditions. They will work in low temperatures and in heat. CFLs stand a step behind in this competition. As a rule, they don’t work under -10 degrees Fahrenheit or over 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

Humidity of location is another point to consider when doubting over lamp choice. LEDs will shine bright in case of humidity, whereas CFLs don’t withstand humidity.

Thus, weather conditions should be an important precondition when making choice between these 2 options. We advise opting for LEDs especially in case of outdoor lamps.

Energy cost

LEDs and CFLs are both energy efficient options. Still, LEDs use less watts, which means the operating cost is lower as compared to CFLs. That is why we recommend using LED lamps especially in rooms that have the light constantly on.


Did you know CFL bulbs contain mercury? In case the bulb breaks, the heavy metal will make cleanup and disposal a hassle.
This is another critical point why we prefer LED bulbs to CFLs. In fact, LED is the most environmentally friendly light source on market.


As you need to make choice between these 2 options, ask yourself what will be its primary functionality. Do you want it to switch off automatically as everybody leaves the room? Maybe you’d like to connect it with your alarm system. Thanks to motion sensors, all these options are available for LEDs.

CFLs mainly serve as light source. They are simply lamps with soft, warm and bright white hues.

Besides, LEDs light up instantly, whereas CFLs take a few minutes to light up to full brightness.


Unfortunately, LEDs stay behind in this category. CFL lamps cost less as compared to LEDs. That’s why the initial investment of LED bulbs is high.

Anyhow, LEDs become cheaper year by year. A few years ago you had to pay at least 100$ to purchase one. At present, 5$ is enough for buying a high-quality LED lamp.

To sum up, both LEDs and CFL bulbs are 21st century solutions. In case you hesitate, you should weigh on the factors above. However, opting for both of them is also a smart decision. Have LEDs where durability matters and go for CFLs in rooms where the lamp doesn’t need to be constantly on. Your choice!