Blaze Series
LED Area Light Fixture


GlobalLink Controls

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  • Energy & Maintenance Savings
  • Priced for Payback!
  • Lumen packages to replace 70W to 1000W and even (2) 1000W HID luminaries!
  • Innovative optic that supports your design
  • Delivering more than just energy savings
  • GlobalLink Smart for ultimate control
  • Quick ship available on specific configurations. Call for details: 800-992-7370
GLOBAL Area Light

Optical Performance
Lumen Output: 8,250 – 68,475
Fixture Efficacy: Up to 186 Lm/W

Electrical Specifications
Wattages: 50 – 400 Watts
Power Input: AC 100 – 277V / 277 – 480V

Case Study | The Village at Meridian

Annual Savings: >70%+

The Village at Meridian looked to replace its 1000W metal halide luminaires with an LED area light solution that was affordable, efficient and had a better life cycle. The Village turned to GLOBAL’s Blaze LED area luminaires with Wireless controls, and saw energy & maintenance costs plummet as a result.


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Area Light Highlight

BLAZE Shoebox Applications

  • Auto Dealerships
  • Education Facilities
  • Outdoor Lighting
  • Hospitality Lighting

Product Overview

With up to 68,000 lumens, the Blaze LED Area Light luminaires can replace up to 1000W metal halide (some instances, replace 1500W MH) area light fixtures, saving > 75% on energy costs. When coupled with GlobalLink™ wireless controls, the Blaze GlobalLink™ solution delivers IoT-enabled luminaires, enhanced end-user experience, and unmatched energy savings.

Available with Global’s Quick pole mount, rotatable optics, and GlobalLink™ remote commissioning, the Blaze luminaire is purpose-built for simple and flexible installation in any application.

The Blaze luminaires provide superior performance and functionality at a price that will allow customers to meet their financial payback thresholds.


COMPACT BLAZE Power Max Efficacy Lumen Output CCT IP Rating PDF Download
Blaze 50W 50 Watts 185 Lm/W 8,250 Lumens 30K / 40K / 50K IP66 50W SPEC
Blaze 80W 80 Watts 183 Lm/W 13,200 Lumens 30K / 40K / 50K IP66 80W SPEC
Blaze 125W 125 Watts 180 Lm/W 20,625 Lumens 30K / 40K / 50K IP66 125W SPEC
Blaze 155W 155 Watts 174 Lm/W 25,575 Lumens 30K / 40K / 50K IP66 155W SPEC
STANDARD BLAZE Power Max Efficacy Lumen Output CCT IP Rating PDF Download
Blaze 185W 185 Watts 186 Lm/W 30,525 Lumens 30K / 40K / 50K IP66 185W SPEC
Blaze 245W 245 Watts 179 Lm/W 40,425 Lumens 30K / 40K / 50K IP66 245W SPEC
Blaze 305W 305 Watts 171 Lm/W 50,325 Lumens 30K / 40K / 50K IP66 305W SPEC
Blaze 400W 400 Watts 161 Lm/W 64,202 Lumens 30K / 40K / 50K IP66 400W SPEC

GLOBAL Link Smart (GLS) Energy Savings

GLOBAL Link Smart Lighting Control (GLS) is a wireless lighting controls solution that ensures the desired light level is provided where and when needed. In-depth control of lighting hardware offers real-time status updates of any change occurring along with the platform, reducing energy usage, and optimizing maintenance planning of your lighting system.

Autonomous Control

Program different lighting schedules across, multiple zones based on the activities, or the time of year. Need to change settings? Just grab your mobile device, or just give us a call.

Occupancy/Vacancy Settings

No one needs light in empty spaces. GLOBAL Link sensors save more energy by illuminating only areas where people are. Need to change settings? Just grab your mobile device, or just give us a call.

Power Metering

The GLOBAL Link Smart Lighting Control can monitor electricity perimeters such as current, voltage, Frequency, Power Factor kw and kWh.

Precision Optics

Precision Optics are all about custom tailoring your fixtures for your exact lighting needs.

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