Introducing GEL Partner Program

Not a partner of Global Energy & Lighting solutions yet? Join us today!

Who we are?

GEL USA is a fast growing company that provides modern energy-efficient technologies to companies of various sectors. We solve energy-management issues of our partners to ensure a better tomorrow for them and our environment.

Here are the main factors that made us start creating and implementing LED light solutions:

  • They release almost no heat and serve primarily as a light source;
  • Lamps are always bright just like new no matter how long they are used;
  • LEDs serve for longer time in comparison to traditional lamps (for 10 years in average);
  • Energy consumption savings record an increase by 90%;
  • LED lighting is the most environmentally-friendly solution,
  • You can make choice from a wide variety of LEDs in terms of design and functionality.
  • LED solutions guarantee quick ROI
  • Finally yet importantly, no other lighting solution has such a high TCO.

As pioneers in the lighting industry, we have highly efficient lighting solutions for companies of any sector. There are retail shops, banks, clinics, parking garages and manufacturing companies among our clients. Whether it is a manufacturing space, a warehouse or a grocery shop, GEL LEDs will help you decrease energy bills and cut the impact of ecological footprints of your company.

Moreover, the flexibility of our solutions helps show goods in perfect light and in this way boost sales. LED lights are also highly popular in offices. In case you own an office, LEDs will help you motivate your staff to better work. Not to mention, right lighting can have a positive impact on teamwork and negotiations. This is what our customers’ experience proved.

We are constantly revolutionizing our products to stay tuned to the ever-changing demands of the marketplace. No other way to be the leader in the competitive market!

About GEL Partner Program

“Better quality, better light, better environment”-this is the motto that defines our attitude towards work and towards lighting industry. Our partners made it their slogan too.

In case you are interested in becoming a part of revolutionizing the way lighting is purchased, we should become partners. To become partners, you simply need to fill the form on our website.

Our partner program is for companies who aim at ensuring considerable financial and environmental savings for their customers. Together we will achieve huge savings and will contribute to a more environmentally-friendly world.

Why join GEL partners program?

We prefer saving dollars tomorrow instead of pennies today. Do you share this approach? Then register for our partner program!
GEL partner program will give you the following advantages:

  • Significant financing options,
  • Thorough training on lighting products/solutions,
  • Comprehensive business model,
  • Sales and marketing support,
  • Access to one of the best commercial lighting solutions in the world.

To get more info on our partner program, feel free to contact us at 1 (800) 992-7370 or email us at [email protected].

Let’s cooperate to create a better tomorrow for us and our customers.