HB Series Round High Bay


GlobalLink Controls
  • Designed for demanding installations and environments
  • Optical control versatility for complete customization
  • Up to 70% energy saving when replacing HID lighting
  • Maximum efficacy in high-bay applications
  • Ideal for vertical or horizontal spaces
  • No UV and no mercury
High Bay

Optical Performance
Lumen Output: 6,700-44,500
CCT: 3000K, 4000K, 5000K
CRI:≥73 Ra
Fixture Efficacy: Up to 170 Lm/W

Electrical Specifications
Wattages: 50-300 Watts
Power Input: AC 100-277 Volts

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HB Series Round High Bay Applications

  • Retail and Grocery Stores
  • Aircraft Hangers
  • Warehouses
  • Industrial Lighting

Product Overview

The HB Series LED Round High Bay Series is designed to deliver high lumen packages of up to 170 lumens per watt with precise optical control, giving users the freedom to illuminate even the most challenging applications. Precise light delivery is guaranteed at all levels of industrial uses, and the HB Series Round High Bay offers integrated wireless control on GlobalLink™ Software platforms. Several industry-standard mounting options enable this product to be easily installed for both new and upgrade opportunities in a wide range of industrial applications.


HB Series Power Max Efficacy Lumen Output CCT IP Rating PDF Download
HB 50W 50 Watts 129 Lm/W 6,706 Lumens 30K / 40K / 50K IP65
HB 70W 70 Watts 127.9 Lm/W 9,205 Lumens 30K / 40K / 50K IP65
HB 90W 90 Watts 121.7 Lm/W 11,440 Lumens 30K / 40K / 50K IP65
HB 100W 100 Watts 120 Lm/W
150 Lm/W
170 Lm/W
12,000 Lumens
15,000 Lumens
17,000 Lumens
30K / 40K / 50K IP65
HB 120W 120 Watts 126 Lm/W
150 Lm/W
15,120 Lumens
18,000 Lumens
30K / 40K / 50K IP65
HB 150W 150 Watts 126 Lm/W
150 Lm/W
18,900 Lumens
22,500 Lumens
30K / 40K / 50K IP65
HB 200W 200 Watts 136 Lm/W
150 Lm/W
27,200 Lumens
30,000 Lumens
30K / 40K / 50K IP65
HB 240W 240 Watts 146 Lm/W 36,050 Lumens 30K / 40K / 50K IP65
HB 300W 300 Watts 144 Lm/W 44,513 Lumens 30K / 40K / 50K IP65

GlobalLink Wireless Control

Accurately control each fixture, or a group of fixtures, wirelessly with your mobile phone or tablet via the GlobalLink™ app.

Each option below comes pre-installed in the fixture or ready to surface mount with clear instructions. Internet connection is only required for GlobalLink™ app download. Sensors operate within approximately one-half mile.


How It Works

About the wireless network and optional accessories.

Maintain a specific light level in a facility by dimming lights when there is supplemental natural or artificial light and increasing light output when the supplemental light decreases.

Detector is fixture mounted and connected to the wireless node installed inside the fixture.

Enables the wireless control and data transmission between a compatible smart device and the fixture(s)/sensor(s).

Touch control to select pre-programmed lighting scenes, which are created and modified in the GlobalLink™ app. Available as standard wall mount or mobile hand-held device.

Wall mounted switch controls dimming capabilities for 1 (standard) or up to 4 groups (Dimmer 4) from a single switch.

Download the GlobalLink PDF

GlobalLink Wireless

GlobalLink Wireless is also available on:

Controlled By Groups


zigbee high bay

FIxture style

BEzel style

zigbee high bay
zigbee high bay zigbee high bay zigbee high bay zigbee high bay zigbee high bay

Precision Optics

zigbee high bay

IP65 Rating

Guaranteed weatherproof — protected against ingress of water and dust. The HB Series Round High Bay fixture also equipped with superb thermal management.

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