HBP Series High Bay Panel


GlobalLink Controls

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  • Significant energy savings
  • Greatly reduces maintenance potential
  • Precision White light
  • Up to 133 Lm/W
  • Wattages 60 – 400
Pure High Bay

Optical Performance
Lumen Output: 6,660-44,000
CCT: 5000K
Fixture Efficacy: Up to 133.18 Lm/W

Electrical Specifications
Wattages: 60 – 400 Watts
Power Input: AC 100–277 Volts

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HBP Series High Bay Panel Applications

  • Retail Grocery
  • Retail Distribution
  • Commercial Warehouse
  • Hangers
  • Light Manufacturing

Product Overview

The HBP Series High Bay fixture is designed to provide uniform white light that enhances retail and commercial interior aisles and displays. Featuring a slim, low profile design this luminaire is an ideal choice to replace existing T8 fluorescent or HID fixtures. The HBP offers integrated GlobalLink wireless control on GlobalLink Software platforms. A rugged, high-performance aluminum heat-sink with integrated Loop Hanging mounting option enables this product to be easily installed.


SKU Power Max Efficacy Lumen Output CCT CRI IP Rating PDF Download
HBP 60W 60 Watts 125 Lm/W 7,500 Lumens 30K / 40K / 50K >70 Ra IP20
HBP 90W 90 Watts 125 Lm/W 11,250 Lumens 30K / 40K / 50K >70 Ra IP20
HBP 120W 120 Watts 127 Lm/W 15,952 Lumens 30K / 40K / 50K >78 Ra IP20
HBP 150W 150 Watts 126 Lm/W 19,022 Lumens 30K / 40K / 50K >76 Ra IP20
HBP 180W 180 Watts 133 Lm/W 24,385 Lumens 30K / 40K / 50K >75 Ra IP20
HBP 240W 240 Watts 131 Lm/W 32,032 Lumens 30K / 40K / 50K >75 Ra IP20
HBP 300W 300 Watts 125 Lm/W 37,500 Lumens 30K / 40K / 50K >70 Ra IP20
HBP 400W 400 Watts 125 Lm/W 50,000 Lumens 30K / 40K / 50K >70 Ra IP20

Controlled By Groups


GlobalLink high bay

Fixture Installation

Adjustable Cable Mount with Gripper

The High Bay Panel mounts via hanging cables, which attach to four metal brackets. The self-locking cable gripper allows for easy adjustment and balancing with an easy push-button release.

Precision Optics

Motion Control

This sensor is pre-programmed to turn the fixture on when motion is detected and off when there has been no motion detected for ten minutes. Optional remote can be included for additional control customization.

globallink high bay

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