Cities with best LED street lighting in the world

We all think about how to cut monthly bills. Now imagine how vital this point is in regards to the whole city. It’s no wonder that many city municipalities are hugely concerned about this topic nowadays.

Switching to LED lights on a city level is a common phenomenon today. It is not only about saving money and ensuring bright lighting with zero or little maintenance. It is a vital step in fighting against light pollution too.

Let’s see a few cities that have the some of the best best LED street lighting:

Sydney, Australia

Sydney is our favorite in terms of effective city lighting. Since 2012, the city has brightened up with LED lamps. Before that street lighting comprised about 30% of annual electricity bill, which was the foundation for this decision. According to city reports, they saved $800000 during the last 3 years. That’s huge!

Green environment is also an important issue for the Sydney. Luckily, thanks to LEDs, they reduced gas emissions by 70%.

The 20000 public lights installed all over the city cover most streets and parks. The new lights increased nighttime visibility, which created a safer and more appealing city view for tourists.

Los Angeles, USA

Most counties in California are now changing to LEDs. Los Angeles recorded the most progress when it completed LED street light installation project.
The major catalyst for the launch of this project was that street lighting accounted for about 40% of monthly electricity bills. There is no concise data on the actual savings yet, but they estimate the city will save about $7 million in energy bills annually. That’s not all. From now on, expenses of at least $2.5 million will be avoided for maintenance issues.

LEDs will also have an important role for fighting against crimes and keeping control over disaster relief. The latter are fully programmable; they have sensors inside to ensure wireless networks across the whole city.

Today LA has a metropolitan glow thanks to tens of thousands of LEDs shining in evenings. Vegas is the second LED lit city after LA.

Madrid, Spain

Madrid is another major city that applied internet connected LED lamps. At present, the project is in the process. According to municipality reports, about 225,000 streetlights will be replaced during this project.

Along with ensuring energy savings, Madrid launched the project for another reason too. They are interested in ensuring a unified control system for the whole city.

Besides that they want to ensure streetlights will always be bright as when new. After all, Madrid is a hot tourist destination and they need to make sure the lights present the city in the best light at any time of the day. Not to mention, many people simply adore this city for its nightlife.

To sum up, switching to LED lamps is a fast developing phenomenon on a city level. After all, any city needs to ensure low energy bills and long lifespan of lighting. As far as pollution matters, circumstances make it the number one issue for the whole planet.