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What is Li-Fi, and how could it replace Wi-Fi?

Today’s marketplace seems to be a constant stream of new. New devices, new gadgets and new technology improve the way we live. Now an exciting new development in labs across the US is the transmission of data, and it’s coming from LED lighting. Many people are eagerly awaiting Li-Fi (or light based Wi-Fi), and while […]


LED Lights VS CFL: Which Option To Choose

Not so long ago, lamps used to release a lot of heat and were quite pricey. Now it is a matter of the past. No need to endlessly replace lamps or pay huge energy bills. Now you have a choice between LED and CFL lamps. While they are both energy-efficient options, still they have their […]


LED Lighting Design Solutions for Offices

Who loves working in a well-lit environment? Everyone! That’s why if you own a business, ensuring good lighting around the office should be a priority. The right lighting can influence people’s mood and actions. Eventually, it can even influence how people perceive their job and the company they work for. Office lighting is an important […]


5 Benefits of LED Lighting for Businesses

Business is not only about gaining profits. A successful business should be a combination of gaining and saving. As such, monthly expenses matter and depending on business specifications, you should think of ways to cut them. There is one expenditure common among businesses—lighting. As a business owner, you might have considered utilizing LED lighting and […]


3 Innovative Uses of LED Lights

The wide functionality of LED lights makes us believe the future belongs to this new technology. Indeed, LED lights are breaking ground for a number of revolutionary advances and we’re not talking about the distant future. In fact, LED lights have already made a number of innovations that have significantly improved our lives. Here are […]