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Vibrant Lighting with 2.5 Year ROI

IceTown LA Kings The Opportunity The LA Kings IceTown sports facility turned to Global Energy & Lighting to design a solution for better indoor lighting and a cost savings solution that would lead to a quick ROI. The Solution Global Energy & Lighting exceeded LA Kings IceTown’s expectations by designing and delivering an LED upgrade […]


Case Study: Pohanka Automotive Group

LED fixtures by Global Energy & Lighting boost car sales with improved lighting output and uniformity, while reducing energy consumption. Pohanka Automotive Group wanted to deploy a high-performance lighting solution capable of showcasing their vehicles, while simultaneously lowering the energy costs from their current Metal Halide lighting. They were approached by a Global Energy & […]


Cities with best LED street lighting in the world

We all think about how to cut monthly bills. Now imagine how vital this point is in regards to the whole city. It’s no wonder that many city municipalities are hugely concerned about this topic nowadays. Switching to LED lights on a city level is a common phenomenon today. It is not only about saving […]