WP4 Series Building Mount

Stylish lighting. Compact design.

  • Energy saving, long lifespan
  • Instant start, NO flickering, NO humming
  • Green and eco-friendly without mercury
  • Dimmable
WP4 Building Mount

Optical Performance
Lumen Output: 4,862 – 18,624
CCT: 40K, 45K, 50K, 57K
Fixture Efficacy: Up to 131 Lm/W

Electrical Specifications
Wattages: 40-150 Watts
Power Input: AC 100–277 Volts


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WP4 Series Building Mount Applications

  • Retail Storefronts
  • Courtyards
  • Landscaping
  • Entrances

Product Overview

The WP4 Series Building Mount features a highly durable and compact design, giving you precise illumination at a fraction of the energy cost of other types of lighting products with an incredible lifespan. The Wall Pack 4 is eco-friendly and does not contain mercury. There is no flickering or humming that you find with fluorescent lighting products.

The WP4 Series is perfect for industrial and commercial purposes, with ideal uses for retail storefronts, courtyards, landscaping, industrial areas, and any other outdoor setting that requires compact wall lighting.


Building Mount Power Max Efficacy Lumen Output CCT CRI IP Rating PDF Download
WP4 40W 40 Watts Up to 120 Lm/W 4,862 Lumens 40K / 45K / 50K / 57K > 70 Ra IP65 40W SPEC
WP4 60W 60 Watts Up to 121 Lm/W 7,550 Lumens 40K / 45K / 50K / 57K > 70 Ra IP65 60W SPEC
WP4 80W 80 Watts Up to 126 Lm/W 10,007 Lumens 40K / 45K / 50K / 57K > 70 Ra IP65 80W SPEC
WP4 100W 100 Watts Up to 131 Lm/W 13,378 Lumens 40K / 45K / 50K / 57K > 70 Ra IP65 100W SPEC
WP4 120W 120 Watts Up to 121 Lm/W 14,667 Lumens 40K / 45K / 50K / 57K > 70 Ra IP65 120W SPEC
WP4 150W 150 Watts Up to 124 Lm/W 18,624 Lumens 40K / 45K / 50K / 57K > 70 Ra IP65 150W SPEC

Optional Integrated
Photocell Control

The Photocell Control option keeps your energy bill down by activating and deactivating the fixture according to the ambient light present in its surroundings.

In simpler terms, when the Photocell senses the sun has risen in the morning, the light goes off. When the sun sets, the Photocell turns the lights back on.

Precision Optics

Reduce light spill and save energy costs with efficient optic design that will efficiently light areas you need.

The WP4 Series Building Mount lens is made from impact-resistant polycarbonate, reducing risk of breakage and ensuring longer life.

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