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LED Lighting Design Solutions for Offices

Who loves working in a well-lit environment? Everyone! That’s why if you own a business, ensuring good lighting around the office should be a priority. The right lighting can influence people’s mood and actions. Eventually, it can even influence how people perceive their job and the company they work for. Office lighting is an important […]


5 Reasons Auto Dealerships Should Opt for LED Lighting

Like any other sector of business, the automotive industry shouldn’t overlook the rising trend of turning to LED lights. In case you own an auto dealership, you should take into consideration the many positive aspects of choosing to switch from regular metal halide lights to LEDs. Here are 5 main reasons why LED lighting is […]


Introducing GEL Partner Program

Not a partner of Global Energy & Lighting solutions yet? Join us today! Who we are? GEL USA is a fast growing company that provides modern energy-efficient technologies to companies of various sectors. We solve energy-management issues of our partners to ensure a better tomorrow for them and our environment. Here are the main factors […]


5 Benefits of LED Lighting for Businesses

Business is not only about gaining profits. A successful business should be a combination of gaining and saving. As such, monthly expenses matter and depending on business specifications, you should think of ways to cut them. There is one expenditure common among businesses—lighting. As a business owner, you might have considered utilizing LED lighting and […]


3 Innovative Uses of LED Lights

The wide functionality of LED lights makes us believe the future belongs to this new technology. Indeed, LED lights are breaking ground for a number of revolutionary advances and we’re not talking about the distant future. In fact, LED lights have already made a number of innovations that have significantly improved our lives. Here are […]