Benefits to Choosing Linear Lighting

In the huge variety of lighting solutions that are available on the market, it can be hard to find the one that will suit the needs of your business. You might take four hours to research while trying to find the perfect luminaire for your company. You might even decide to try and buy some of them, only to realize that they are still not the type you need.

We understand that. At Global Energy and Lighting we don’t just want to sell a product, we want to sell a whole solution. The main features people look for when they choose a lighting solution are: energy efficiency, pure light, ability to work even in the most harsh conditions, flexibility.

We care about these and many other factors. That’s why we have designed and manufactured the Linear Light Series. This series is specially built for the lighting areas such as retail and grocery stores, manufacturing plants, parking structures and industrial facilities.

One of the most important factors that should be considered while creating a lighting solution for industrial applications is the conditions present in the facility. It means the luminaire must be stable and resistant to harsh conditions. Our Linear Light has an IP65 rating, which means the luminaire is weather proof, dust proof and waterproof.

The quality of the light is also very important. No matter if you use our Linear Light series for your grocery store lighting or for manufacturing plants, or anything else our luminaire will never let you down. Improved illumination & high quality pure white light has been added to the series to make a safer and more efficient working environment. The fixture works at up to 140 Lm/W which provides an impressive light quantity while achieving energy saving goals.

The design of the also matters. We want the lighting system to be attractive so that it fits into the overall design. Our Linear Light Series is not only about the slim design, but how that relates to the overall functionality of the fixture. We did our best to combine those two factors and get a product that will suit both of these needs. The Linear Light series has been designed with versatility, a linkable design with flexible mounting options. The Linear Light series will can replace nearly any old fluorescent strip fixtures.

Last, but certainly not least, the Linear Light Series comes with ZigBee Wireless Option. ZigBee technology is widely used in smart and connected homes and helps you manage your lighting system without human factor, giving you wireless control of your lighting system from the convenience of your smart phone.