Office Space

The architecturally and innovatively designed interior lighting series blends seamlessly into any Class A office. With volumetric light and up to 80% energy savings, these fixtures are a perfect choice for both retrofit and new construction projects.

These are a few of the applications we install frequently: retail stores, grocery stores, banks and medical applications such as hospitals or health clinics.


Commercial & Industrial

The interior commercial and industrial series of lighting is specifically designed to deliver high lumen packages with precise optical control. ZigBee Wireless controls on the GlobalLink Software platform are integrated in many models. With several mounting options these products are easily installed for both new and upgrade opportunities in a wide range of industrial applications such as; retail grocery stores, aircraft hangers, warehouses, processing and manufacturing plants.


Commercial & Industrial

The incredibly efficient exterior series of luminaires delivers superior performance with the purest white light on the market today. Maintenance and installation is a breeze with the low-profile design. The durable aluminum weatherproof housing is built to last. Ideal replacements for any high-pressure sodium or metal-halide fixtures in roadways, streets, building exteriors, parking lots, and billboards.

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