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Applications location – warehouses, streets, parking lots, retail, healthcare facilities, airports, dealerships, hospitality

Panel Light

The architecturally designed GLEDPL blends seamlessly into any Class A office. With volumetric light, the innovatively thin panel easily accommodates narrow plenums making it a perfect choice for both retrofit and new construction projects. It’s sleek design also lends itself well to retail stores, grocery stores, and medical applications such as hospitals or health clinics


The GLEDDL series fixtures offer high performance, economical retrofit solutions for commercial lighting applications. The DL series is designed to last up to 40x longer than a traditional incandescent lamp, uses 80% less energy and easily installs into most standard recessed light housings. It is perfect for applications such as office spaces, banks, and retail stores.

T8 Tube

This easy to install T8 tube has an efficacy of up to 150 lumens per watt. With an end cap that can rotate 180 degrees, this T8 lamp can be adjusted to an alignment that best suits your specific needs. It is perfect for retail applications offices, parking garages, and walkways. The bright, clean light this lamp emits is also a great fit for medical facilities such as hospitals and outpatient clinics.

Strip Light

With an efficacy of up to 140 lumens per watt, multiple mounting options, and a linkable option, the GLEDSL is perfect for lighting up retail spaces such as display windows, grocery stores, and department stores. In addition to its retail functionality, with an IP65 rating, the GLEDSL is well-suited for harsher application like carwashes, wastewater treatment plans or salt mines.

Blaze High Bay

The Blaze LED High-Bay Series is a brilliant lighting solution for a variety of environments including warehouses, executive showrooms, and general industrial facilities. With several industry-standard mounting options, the GELHB High Bay is perfect for bringing unbeatable lighting clarity to both important, customer-facing displays, and challenging, “behind-the-scenes” technical applications.

Street Light

This cobra-head LED street luminaire delivers incredible efficiency without sacrificing application performance. Ideal for any roadway application (highways, surface streets, sidewalks,bike paths, pedestrian crossings, etc.), the ST7 series has been widely used as a highly-functional, economical replacement for outdated high-pressure sodium fixtures.

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