5 Energy Savings Tips for Businesses

The number one rule of a successful company is to save money along with gaining profit. The balance of cash flow is what matters. There are so many businesses today that report record profit, yet still expenses exceed incomes. Lack of proper planning is an unacceptable excuse in likewise situations.

In fact, you should always think of ways to cut expenses as much as possible. You should minimize unimportant expenses in order to invest in developing your products and motivating your staff.

Let’s see how we can cut an expense common for companies of any size and sector—energy.

Here are our top 5 easy ways to affect your energy bills:

  1. Take advantage of natural light.
    In case you consider moving to a new office, light should be your priority criteria. If you already have one, think of redecorating it to make the room lighter.Your office should make use of natural daylight as much as possible. Besides saving, it will also benefit your employees. Eyes suffer less when people work in daylight.

    Thus, taking advantage of natural daylight will definitely have a significant effect on your monthly energy bills.

  2. Ensuring proper office design.
    We made use of natural light. Now it’s time to think of office design! Consider painting walls in colors that ensure additional light for the room. Window coverings are equally important.It is not only about saving. The right colors enlarge the space and have a motivating effect on employees’ mood and productivity. The brighter the office space the higher productivity.
  3. Opt for LED lamps.
    While LED lights are a matter of choice, conventional lighting doesn’t contribute to lowering your energy bills at all. You have no time or extra money to spend on changing lamps on a constant basis. Moreover, you have to keep air conditioners switched on to cool down the heat released by regular lamps. Not a problem with LED lamps! They serve as a light source and doesn’t release heat to the extent traditional lamps do. A huge bonus to this investment—LED lamps function for about 10 years, not mere months.Although this solution might seem a bit pricey at first sight, you’ll find the return on investment is so high that it will become a vital investment for the future of your company. Our advice—wherever possible, apply these energy-saving LEDs.

    There must be lights in your office that don’t need to be on all day long. E.g. illuminated signage should be brighter in the dark. Conference rooms can be dimmed in case you have no meetings. That’s why we advise having dimmable lighting wherever possible. These can be controlled either manually or in an automated mode. By the way, there is a selection of smart LED lights with automated dimming control which is perfect for business environment.

  4. LED light with sensors
    Have you advised employees to switch off lights whenever they leave room? We know everyone tend to forget this rule, especially when it comes to kitchen, break and meeting rooms. Not to mention light is on in sales department, no matter where the employees are. What a waste of energy!LED lights with motion sensors are highly popular these days. They switch on any time sensors detect someone comes in. More importantly, they switch off as soon as people leave the room. Our wireless system allows you to control all of these setting from an app on your phone. Cool!

Follow these tips and you’ll see their impact on energy bills at the end of the month!