3 Innovative Uses of LED Lights

The wide functionality of LED lights makes us believe the future belongs to this new technology. Indeed, LED lights are breaking ground for a number of revolutionary advances and we’re not talking about the distant future. In fact, LED lights have already made a number of innovations that have significantly improved our lives.

Here are 3 LED innovations that we found particularly impressive:

Intelligent street LED lighting

Nowadays LED lights are extensively used as a street lighting solution that is both cost effective and bright enough for outdoor use. Whether it’s a city municipality interested in ensuring safety on the streets or a shop owner concerned about attracting more customers, LED lights can be a great help.

The latest developments in IoT (Internet of Things) make smart street lighting smarter and more affordable every day. Paired with just a couple of noise and movement sensors, LED street lights can save energy by dimming the lights when there’s no one on the streets and brightening up when a car or a pedestrian approach. This solution can play a huge role in cutting down energy costs and actually increasing the efficiency of city lighting.

Another intelligent application of LED street lights is the ability to instantly react to loud noise, like a gun shot or a car crash, by brightening the light, capturing the scene and simultaneously alarming emergency services. This solution comes with a regular security camera and network connection.

Indoor farming solutions

If you are somewhat familiar with farming processes, you can understand how important the right lighting and temperature can be for boosting harvest. While setting and maintaining the right temperature is relatively easy, things are a bit different with lighting. The right combination of thousands of red and blue LED lights, enables plants to photosynthesize and grow even faster than it would take to grow in a field. Most indoor farms and warehouses started off using fluorescent lighting but are making a move towards LED due to the number of benefits provided.

LED lights in health industry

LED innovations couldn’t bypass such an important sector as the health industry. Nowadays, LED lights have an important mission here too. Blue LED lights are used in baby warmers, as well as an effective treatment for newborn jaundice. Jaundice is a condition common among newborn babies, caused by high levels of seric bilirubin. Jaundice affects the skin color of the newborn baby giving it a visibly yellowish tone. With the right amount and wavelength of blue LED lights, babies’ skin gets back to normal much faster than compared to halogen or fluorescent lights.

We discussed three sectors in which LED lights have already made a difference, but these are just a few examples. The possibilities are limitless if there’s a viable development platform to support all of the revolutionary ideas of intelligent LED lighting.

To sum up, LED lights bring added value to any sector in which they are applied. The question is why not go for them when the ROI is so high?