What We Do

Global Energy & Lighting is a multinational manufacturing corporation offering comprehensive energy services to businesses and organizations throughout the Americas, MENA, and ASEAN regions. Our Principal services as a vertically integrated manufacturer are the development, design, engineering, and installation of projects that reduce the energy and operations & maintenance (O&M) for our clientele. These projects generally include a variety of measures that incorporate our innovative state-of-the-art lighting and wireless controls.

Our Process

  • We collect all of the relevant data, including plans, field surveys, utility information and more to begin to document your current status.

  • During this phase, our team of engineers benchmark performance sought, analyze the data collected and design your solutions

  • GLOBAL will provide a detailed report on the opportunity for upgrade or improvement with all the featured benefits listed clearly to express the expected savings and ROI.

  • As a vertically integrated manufacturer, our project management team comprehensively executes product manufaturing and implements the designed solutions.

  • At the completion of the project, our clients experience all of the benefits of the upgrade as well as on-going support of the implemented initiatives as well as the reporting of key metrics.

Global Energy & Lighting

Our mission is to solve the energy-management challenges of today to create a better tomorrow. As a business, we conduct every aspect of our operation in an ethical way that not only respects, but benefits our customers, our employees, and the world around us.

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